Chromatography Tests

Chromatography Tests…

Chromatography Tests encompasses a broad range of laboratory testing methods used for separation and identification of complex mixtures, often with amazing specificity, sensitivity, and precision. The components in a mixture are separated in an almost magical way, based on differences in partitioning between the mobile phase and the stationary phase. Various detectors are used to identify and quantify the separated components of the mixture.

Gas Chromatography is used for analysis of mixtures of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOC’s and SVOC’s). GC with flame ionization detection (FID) is commonly used for quantitative analysis of known target compounds. GC-MS is a powerful technique that can provide identification of unknowns in complex mixtures. GC-MS is a great technique for analysis of trace level impurities such as residual monomers because of its excellent sensitivity and specificity. Headspace GC or GC-MS can be used to test for volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) such as residual solvents in solid or liquid samples.